Amazon and Starbucks plan to open two further ‘Pickup and Go’ shops this yr

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Inside the new “Starbucks Pickup” with Amazon Go in New York City. (Starbucks Photo)

Amazon and Starbucks plan to expand upon their physical retail partnership and open two more “Starbucks Pickup with Amazon Go” stores this year, Amazon said during its quarterly earnings report Thursday.

The Seattle-based coffee and tech giants first teamed in November with the opening of a space in New York City that combined some of companies’ tech-enabled features.

The concept features a Starbucks counter for picking up mobile orders; an Amazon Go market that uses the company’s “Just Walk Out” cashierless checkout system; and a lounge with individual workspaces, tables, power outlets and USB ports.

Amazon and Starbucks are not integrating their underlying payment or checkout systems. Customers use the Starbucks app and account to order items for pickup, and Amazon app and account to shop the marketplace.

The first store was built secretly at a location on 59th Street between Park and Lexington Avenues in Manhattan. Amazon said the next location is planned for The New York Times Building, at 40th Street and 8th Avenue.

Amazon and Starbucks have not disclosed the third U.S. location. In an interview last fall, executives from the two companies didn’t tip their hands when GeekWire pointed out that Seattle would be the obvious choice.

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